Anahita Khalatbari
Journalist, News Anchor, Actress, Model, TV Personality
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​Anahita Khalatbari was born in Tehran, brought up and educated in London England. Her Great Grandfather "Sepahsalar Khalatbari Tonekaboni" was of the Royal Khalatbari family and served as Prime Minister for 4 terms (1909). 
Anita Khalatbari studied Politics and Sociology in London, England but later moved to California to pursue her passion in the fields of broadcasting and acting despite her conservative father's disapproval.  
Throughout her career, Anahita has interviewed hundreds of personalities including politicians, physicians, surgeons and celebrities such as former President of Israel, Senator Roderick D. Wright, Sheriff Lee Bacca, former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, Larry King and many more.
Her acting career includes appearing as plaintiff Jennifer Hardison opposite attorney Gloria Allred in the re-enactment Court TV Show "We the People" on NBC Channel. Anita has also starred in the romantic comedy Shirin in Love, directed by Ramin Niami. Anita Khalatbari's superb acting skills in the movie "Shirin in Love" were praised by the great film critic Roger Ebert and compared to Faye Dunaway's. Roger Ebert says; "Anahita Kalatbari gives a turn that's like a more deliberately comic version of Faye Dunaway's maternal control freak in "Mommie Dearest." It's that good, and doubly remarkable in being Kalatbari's first screen role".
Anita Khalatbari is currently the News Anchor, Show Host and News Reporter for Los Angeles City TV Station.  She has reported up to the minute Live Election Coverage of the Mayoral and City Council races in Los Angeles for the past decade.
Anita has also had the experience of working as the Traffic and Weather Reporter as well as General News Correspondent for KPFK Radio, Los Angeles.
Anita's resume and work experience also includes reporting for KABC TV Entertainment News, CBS KCal 9 General News, Metro Motion TV News, LA Now TV and Santa Monica TV.

Sepahsalar Khalatbari Tonekaboni